Mediapolislive – Where is VR now?

Mediapolis, Tohlopinranta 31, Tampere, Finland

Tickets: 125 eur + vat. Incl. Conference, coffees and lunch buffet

Everybody is talking about virtual reality but how real is it really today? MEDIAPOLIS LIVE will explore the contemporary state of VR due to practitioners from different industrial fields. We will hear and see stories with concrete examples from content creators, tech developers and business people. How much can we really exploit VR reality now? Who are the users of VR? What are the business opportunities? How should different sectors work together? What are lessons learnt for building the future of VR?

MEDIAPOLIS LIVE is a new event discussing state of art topics related to media industry. The aim is to enhance dialogue and cooperation between content creators, tech developers, businesses and universities. “Where is VR now” is targeted to professionals, researchers and companies that are interested in developing or utilizing VR applications.

We will bring a brilliant selection of presentations from pioneers in the field.
* Director Jannicke Mikkelsen (UK) who directed Adam Lambert’s and Queen’s first concert film in VR, takes you on a journey from inventing new-tech to behind the scenes of working with legendary rock stars.
* Prof. Dr. Christer Geiger, Professor of Mixed Reality and Visualization shows how media companies and university innovate VR together at InnovationsHub Düsseldorf.
* Principal Architect Andrew Baldwin, Nokia Ozo Team
* Director Jaakko Jauhiainen, Sweco
* Regional Director Saara Murtovaara, Aktia Kiinteistövälitys

* CEO Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen, Rakka Creative
* Manager Tommy Mård, Svenska Yle
* Doctoral Student / Researcher Arttu Julin, Aalto University

* Founder Tony Lindqvist, Collaprime

Hosted by the Chairman of Virtual Reality Finland ry Mr. Kari Peltola.

Come and hear yourself ”Where is VR now”? In addition to presentations you have opportunity to experiment virtual worlds in the Afterwork -session organized by Rakka Creative and Virtual Reality Finland.



Ms Jannicke Mikkelsen (UK)


Entering the world of the impossible

“VR The Champions” is the title of British rock band Queen first concert film in VR. Director and DoP Jannicke Mikkelsen takes you on a journey through inventing new-tech to behind the scenes of working with the legendary rock stars. The talk details the project workflow, equipment, live-action stereography through to post-production. Mikkelsen’s talk challenges current VR misconceptions and explores the future of VR entertainment to the masses. A 4K video and 360 audio VR experience of ”VR The Champions” will be available.

My personal favourite moment is standing right next to Roger Taylor as he hits the drums with full force at the opening of the iconic track “We Will Rock You”. The drum opening is immediately returned by an ocean of fans clapping the iconic beat, giving me shivers watching them from the stage. Just as the first guitar strum hits, you discover Brian May standing underneath you playing his rock iconic Red Special while he is joined by lead singer Adam Lambert looking right at you straight before he starts singing the opening verse.

-Jannicke Mikkelsen, Director


VR Director Jannicke Mikkelsen caught the public’s attention in 2016 with her latest cinematic VR film, starring the legendary band Queen and singer Adam Lambert. The concert was filmed live in groundbreaking flying 360 degree 3-D virtual reality; and by definition, broke all the rules of conventional filmmaking. Jannicke is a cinematography professional graduated from the National Film and Television School, NFTS, UK, where she learned the discipline and art of shooting on celluloid film. Jannicke has worked on virtual reality films for natural history presenter David Attenborough and the rock band Queen. Blending traditional cinematography with stereography and virtual reality 360, Jannicke is considered at the cutting edge of entertainment exploration. More information

Mr Arttu Julin

Doctoral Student / Researcher Aalto University
(Speaker with Tommy Mård)

Virtual Reality meets Radio Drama – applying 3D reconstruction to support storytelling

Voices from the house of souls” was a cross-platform event produced by Yle in cooperation with Aalto University in Helsinki Festival 2016.  The audience was invited to experience the history and stories of the first Finnish psychiatric hospital “Lapinlahti Mental Hospital” (1841-2008). There was a 40 pieces radio installation in the authentic environment and related programmes and articles in the Yle website. A 3D virtual model of the hospital including audio installation was built for the viewers. In their presentation Tommy Mård from Yle and Arttu Julin from Aalto University introduce how radio drama was extended by virtual reality.
An indoor 3D measuring system was applied for producing indoor models of a historic hospital building. The models were used to develop a game engine application, acting as a virtual counterpart of a real life multimedia installation during the Taiteiden yö art event in Helsinki Festival. The automatically reconstructed models produced with the system were found to be usable as a starting point for game engine content production. The final application was released to the public audience as a web based system, and as a downloadable application for Android smart phones.


Arttu Julin (M.Sc. in Geomatics) is currently working as a doctoral candidate and researcher at the Research Institute of Measuring and Modeling for the Built Environment (MeMo) in Aalto University. His work includes the research of new methods and applications for urban indoor and outdoor 3D modeling with the focus on utilizing laser scanning and photogrammetry in combination with mixed reality technologies. In addition, Arttu has over seven years of international business experience in geospatial industry. Including project management, R&D, business development and sales especially related to the field of laser scanning.

Mr Chris Geiger (GER)

Prof. Dr.

Innovate or Perish in the Digital Age – How SMEs and Universities can really cooperate

The democratization of technology allows SMEs direct access to many different technologies like virtual and augmented reality, ubiquitous computing and machine intelligence. Nearly every company is now able to create new products, innovative services and successful user experiences – if they know how to design and how to implement these efficiently. Small and medium companies  that do not have their own R&D department often face the challenge to keep up with the pace of the digital transformation and to cope with the dynamics of fast acting start-ups. Companies with years of successful daily business do not often see the need to change their portfolio of successful products and to invest in R&D activities with uncertain outcomes. Cooperation with research institutions and R&D networks with other SMEs may provide some solutions to these challenges. In my talk I will present some case studies and best practice examples from our innovation hub in Düsseldorf, a think tank where SMEs and the university work closely together on R&D projects in the area of virtual and augmented reality and advanced human technology interaction in the digital age.


Dr. Christer Geiger is Professor of “Mixed Reality and Visualization” at University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf where he leads a research group of 10 research assistants. Since 2015 he directs the InnovationHub (, an external think tank that is operated in close collaboration with two SMEs:  LAVAlabs Moving Images and Tennagels.  His current work focuses on transfer projects and how applied research can directly influence the work of external partners like industry, SMEs and cultural organizations.  Chris has published over 120 papers in the areas of system design, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, mixed reality and human-computer interaction and served as reviewer and PC member in several conferences. He is among the “top 10”-list of the most successful researchers since 2012 at University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf.  Chris works also as research consultant and innovation manager for selected SMEs (Tennagels and LAVAlabs) LAVAlabs Moving Images is a creative studio of visual effects, animation and motion graphics, which also has offices in Stuttgart, Berlin and Hamburg. Tennagels focuses on developing high-end media technology, interactive experiences and light installations.

Mr Andrew Baldwin

Principal Architect, VR Products, Nokia Technologies

VR – Just a trend or real business?

Impact of VR on storytelling and documenting immersive experience.


With a 20 year career creating smart devices in companies including Psion, and Nokia, in late 2013 Andrew became a key member in the small team that developed the concepts and technology behind the Nokia OZO – the first VR camera purpose built for professionals – helping to bring it successfully to the market early in 2016.

Mr Tommy Mård


Virtual Reality meets Radio Drama – applying 3D reconstruction to support storytelling


Tommy Mård is a Director, Lecturer in multi-camera productions and a Project manager for new media projects. He is currently working as a Manager for Directors and Production Coordinators at Svenska Yle in Helsinki.

Tommy Mård has during his 30 years in the media industry got a wide experience from working as a professional media instructor and he has been in charge for academic degree programmes in media. Tommy has hold courses in several universities, companies and media institutes both in Finland and abroad. He is specialized in Multi-camera productions and has also been active together with students and colleagues developing new formats and interactive services for Mobile TV productions, new media platforms and AR and VR productions.

Tommy has directed more than four hundred studio- and OB multi-camera productions including children’s programs, classical concerts, entertainment and live transmissions from Sunday Services around the country. He has also been producing and directing documentaries, fiction and drama programmes and has worked as a Director of Photography for documentaries and other formats. Tommy worked 2008 – 2010 as a Multi-camera Director for Court proceedings from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, Netherlands.

Tommy got his professional education from The Radio and Television Institute of Finnish Broadcast Company and he has a post graduate degree in teacher education. He has also been studying Political science and communication at the Åbo Akademi university.

Ms Saara Murtovaara

Regional Director

The possibilities of VR in enhancing customer experience in B2C marketing. Examples of present-day applications.


Regional director in Aktia Kiinteistönvälitys Oy, long-time experience of Real Estate, former Chairman of the Board of Suomen Kiinteistönvälittäjäliitto (Finland’s Real Estate Agents’ Organization).

Mr Jaakko Jauhiainen

Director, Business Development Sweco

VR Co-Creation for improving Business and Customer Satisfaction in Sweco

Using VR- and AR-techologies is part of daily practices in the European largest engineering company, Sweco. Due to these new technologies both customer satisfaction and save of costs can be achieved as was the case in Kainuu hospital project. In his presentation Jaakko Jauhiainen introduces how VR-tools are utilized in Sweco.


Jaakko Jauhiainen, Director, Business Development, at Sweco PM works in business development and strategy. Responsibilities in Sweco PM Ltd include business strategy, strategy process and business development. Jaakko Jauhiainen is a Member of the management board. In addition, Jaakko carries out business development tasks for Sweco Finland including intelligent building design and management process, sales and internal efficiency.
Areas of current interest include creating services that enhance customer value, internal efficiency, competitive advantage and differentiation, create new business opportunities and services for the lifecycle of the building employing new technology including VR, AR, VDC and BIM. Jaakko Jauhiainen has a M.Sc. and an eMBA from the Aalto University. Previously Jauhiainen has worked in various entrepreneurial setups, building new businesses. Jauhiainen has made a successful exit. Before Sweco Jaakko worked for Solibri, Inc. Responsibilities included strategy, sales, marketing and channels globally. Jaakko was also member of the corporate management team and a member of the global management team.

Mr Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen

Founder, CEO

Cinematic Virtual Reality use cases in elderly care and elementary school education: Koukkuniemi VR and Liikenneturva: Fillarilla.

How does it feel to sit in a wheelchair and look over the edge of a mountain? Are children comfortable with educative VR material? Is current technology a barrier for usability?

Virtual reality works when there is a reason for using it as a medium. Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen will go through two cases and will share early experiences using VR with elderly people and children. Most of Rakka Creatives productions are made for marketing use but Ilmari believes that virtual reality will make a positive impact when used with a purpose to do so.


Founder & CEO, Rakka Creative. After 15 years in television production and content development he wanted to start creating content for cinematic virtual reality in 2015. Ilmari has his background in directing and sound design and has done development projects with emerging media technologies in broadcasting context. Ilmari focuses on developing storytelling in cinematic virtual reality to get more value for his clients productions and to create content that takes full advantage from the new form of storytelling. Rakka Creative has produced several acclaimed cinematic virtual reality productions and will be pushing the medium to it’s best.

Mr Tony Lindqvist

Founder, Collaprime Ltd

Virtual reality assisted collaboration and history behind it – use cases from heavy industry and construction projects

In his presentation Tony will give a short overview of history of VR and how VR has been used in design during the last decades. We will hear examples from different industrial fields such as car, airline, space and defense industries.Tony will also discuss the future opportunities and qualifications needed in the Finnish VR business.  


About 18 years ago, Tony Lindqvist, 15 years old at that time,  met the first time virtual reality technologies and it woke up the interest. In that time it was difficult to find education, so he started to study the field independently and worked in VR projects. For the  7 years,  developing VR applications has been his main job and he has participated in more than 150 projects. He has utilized VR based technologies as a user, designer and system supplier for event, experience, defense, construction and process industry projects in Finland and abroad. Tony has concentrated on task solving, i.e. combination of software as a content, hardware as a hammer and usability methods. Putting all this together means VR supported collaboration. Healthcare, process industry  development and construction projects are now on top of his mind.


Mr Kari Peltola

Chairman, Virtual Reality Finland ry


Kari Peltola is the Founder and Chairman of Virtual Reality Finland Association which supports the development of the VR and AR ecosystem in Finland. Kari has been surfing the waves of technological change for over 10 years as an entrepreneur and active influencer. Currently, he is also the CEO of Leonidas, a leading hybrid reality development company.


09.00 Check in, coffees & welcome!

09.30-10.30 Jannicke Mikkelsen, VR film director

10.30-11.00 Andrew Baldwin, Nokia OZO team

11.00-11.15 Break

11.15-11.45 Tony Lindqvist, Collaprime

11.45-12.15 Jaakko Jauhiainen, Sweco

12.15-13.15 Lunch break

13.15-13.45  Tommy Mård & Arttu Julin, Svenska Yle

13.45-14.15 Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen, Rakka Creative

14.15-14.30 Coffee break

14.30-15.00 Saara Murtovaara, Aktia Kiinteistövälitys

15.00-16.00 Christian Geiger, Innovationshub Düsseldorf

16.30-> Afterwork session served by Rakka Creative and Virtual Reality Finland ry.

The conference day will be hosted by Mr. Kari Peltola, Chairman, Virtual Reality Finland ry.


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When: TUE 25 April 2017, 9-16

Where: Mediapolis

Address: Tohlopinranta 31, Tampere, Finland


TAMK, Dr. Leena Mäkelä, (content)

TAMK, Ms. Sohvi Sirkesalo, (member of the seminar board)

TAMK, Ms. Fiona Elone, (assistant)

Mediapolis, Ms. Minna Tiihonen, (strategy)

Mediapolis, Ms. Taija Holm, (PR, communication, production)

Rakka Creative, Mr. Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen, (member of the seminar board)